Why Bio-Oxygen?

Bio-Oxygen has been around for over 30 years and replicates nature in cleaning the air, resulting in sterilized, odor free environment in facilities. It is the only air sterilization system in the market that provides a Performance Guarantee!

Bio-Oxygen, manufactured in the United States by the Air Quality Management Company (AQMC), has raised the bar of air sterilization and odor control standards. AQMC’s motto “We Go Where Air Goes” speaks for itself. With proven technology, this unique system sterilizes using simply the oxygen present in ambient air. The system was designed to make the air free from Bacteria, Odors and Viruses.

AQMC is the only air sterilization system which offers a Performance Guarantee. AQMC air purification systems are a proven solution to many different industries including Hospitals, Airports, Restaurants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Food processing and packaging factories, Schools, Hotels, public recreational venues, and so much more.

AQMC is a low wattage electric equipment that interacts with air. As the air passes over our system, it purifies the air through neutralizing Bacteria, Odor and Chemicals in removing the root cause of odor.

AQMC electronic system is fitted inside the ventilation system to clean the air and area surfaces. Using only the oxygen in the ambient air, AQMC removes odors, gases and chemicals in the air in less than 15 seconds. It actively removes bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew, protozoa and viruses.

Every AQMC system is Manufactured in the USA. Each machine is hand-built and tested thoroughly before shipped and installed. AQMC will design, size, install, support and maintain the system for their customers over the lifetime of the System. With Machines running around the globe, AQMC is making the path to a better future. AQMC is sustainable, safe, healthy, compact and low-maintenance.

(used with permission, All rights reserved. Copyright ©2020 AQMC,LLC)

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