Introducing the world’s proven Bio-oxygen technology. A process that replicates the active paramagnetic function of oxygen, re-creating the sun’s role in the production of electrons and bringing the freshness of  outside  air  indoors.

This unique system sterilizes using simply the oxygen present in ambient air. The system was designed to make the air free from Bacteria, Odors and Viruses.

Manufactured in the USA by the Air Quality Management Company, (AQMC), the system consists of low wattage electric equipment that interacts with air. As the air passes over our system, it purifies the air through neutralizing Bacteria, Viruses, Odor and Chemicals in the air removes the root cause of odor. Each electronic system is fitted inside the ventilation system to clean the air and area surfaces. Using only the oxygen in the ambient air, the process removes odors, gases and chemicals in the air in less than 15 seconds. It actively removes bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew, protozoa and viruses. (used with permission, all rights reserved. Copyright  ©2020 AQMC,LLC)


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