Looking for solutions to mitigate airborne risks? Asking how to ensure the future of your facility’s purpose?

Our focus is providing the best possible air quality to promote health and well being.

To do this, Posterity Solutions, LLC promotes and delivers the world’s best air purification system: Bio-Oxygen.

Accordingly, we collaborate with your facility experts to provide the best opt-in package and services possible. This personalized experience results in the very best air quality in your facility! Our goal is helping you create the best environment possible for your future endeavors.

Why we chose Bio-Oxygen as our product of choice? It’s simple.

Air sterilization: Sterilizing the air in buildings where it is imperative that disease is not spread. Viruses can spread through the air conditioning system and the Bio-Oxygen process eliminated the virus using the current air conditioning systems.

Odor Control: Places such as food processing plants and water treatment facilities need to keep odors under control. They must prevent odors they produce from contaminating the surrounding areas. The Bio-Oxygen air treatment system is placed in the plant to eliminate those odors before they get outside.

Air Purification: Removing contaminants from the air with the Bio-Oxygen process is an efficient way of treating the air. Air inside buildings can be contaminated by cigarette smoke,  pet dander, dust, virus and bacteria. Contamination can present as molds and many other unwanted bacteria. The Bio-Oxygen process removes and eliminates these to keep the air clean and fresh.

More information about the Bio-Oxygen process can be found here.

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