Posterity Solutions, LLC – future generations are depending on today’s smart decisions.

Breathe fresh, Breathe clean, Breathe assured!

Posterity Solutions, LLC is your primary conduit for obtaining the best air quality in your facility! We are rooted in faith, family and integrity with a passion for developing and advancing proactive public health and safety solutions for your organization.

As we have traveled the world, one resounding element consistently means the difference in the quality of life: AIR!

That’s why we exclusively promote and deliver the world’s most renowned leader in odor control, air sterilization and air purification system, Bio-Oxygen. Whether you have an existing facility, or are building from the ground up – this is your solution to providing the best air quality.

Air quality impacts everything! How we eat, sleep, study, buy or sell. It impacts whether we feel our family is safe in a hospital, and even how we exercise or go to the mall or the movies. Convention centers, airports, hotels, theater, restaurants, factories, schools all depend on the air quality to be successful.

Moreover, our safety depends on it. As we learn more about SARS-CoV2, mitigating airborne risks is crucial to help us reestablish our lives.  Even the fear of viruses and contaminates in the air will cause many people to rethink going into larger facilities, sending their children to schools, attending conventions, working out at the gym, going to work, or travel as before.

In understanding this, we knew there must be a solution to help sustain future generations. And we found the most ingenious solution ever…nature. Thankfully, we can replicate nature’s solution for posterity through bio-oxygen.  

So we decided to champion sustainable odor control and air sterilization systems from the leading pioneers in the field, Bio-Oxygen. Bio-Oxygen is the natural way to safely eliminate odors and purify the air we breathe.

Having the best quality air protects the most valuable asset to any organization, school, institution: people.

We provide needs assessments & recommended solution packages for institutions seeking to mitigate health & safety concerns within facilities. Educational facilities, businesses, convention centers, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, all face silent threats. Assurance is the key to success. We can help ensure your facility can provide just that!

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